What is Spark?

Spark is a boutique consulting firm that provides strategic membership and marketing services for associations that have the willingness and capacity, at both the staff and board levels, to ask tough questions, take some risks, and reach for significant goals.

Three Keys to Inspire New Ideas from Staff

What does it take for associations to succeed at innovation? I’ve been doing some research on innovation initiatives in associations for a client and had written a bit about it for the Spark blog a few weeks ago. I recently … Continue reading

Matching Your Channel to Your Audience

One of the most important principles in creating successful multi-channel communications is to match your channel to your audience and your purpose. Are you sharing information about something that’s open to the public? Use public channels like Facebook, Twitter, and … Continue reading

Explaining Marketing to a Kid

A few years ago, the association that I was working for had probably the best “bring your kid to work” day I’ve ever seen. One of our activities was a “career scavenger hunt,” where the kids had to find the … Continue reading