What is Spark?

Spark helps associations grow by providing strategic membership and marketing advice and assistance. Spark works with associations that have the willingness and capacity, at both the staff and board levels, to ask tough questions and take some risks in service to reaching for significant goals.

Retention is a Relationship

And you can’t claim to have a relationship with people you don’t know. This topic has come up frequently with clients in the past six months, both within full engagements, where we’ve been looking at how to increase membership, and … Continue reading

Coming Soon from Spark

All kinds of exciting goodies on the horizon, which is part of the reason the blog’s been fairly quiet of late. Whitepapers Winter is for writing, and that’s what I’ve been up to! I’m excited to share that I’ll be … Continue reading

Volunteers Have Changed - Have You?

You have TWO upcoming opportunities to join me and Peggy Hoffman to explore a new model that allows associations and our volunteers to focus our limited resources, measuring everything we do by how well it supports and contributes to the … Continue reading