What is Spark?

Spark is a boutique consulting firm that provides strategic membership and marketing services for associations that have the willingness and capacity, at both the staff and board levels, to ask tough questions, take some risks, and reach for significant goals.

The Mission Driven Volunteer Rides Again!

Earlier this month, Mission Driven Volunteer co-author Peggy Hoffman and I had the opportunity to present about our research on this topic for Wild Apricot. As is often the case with webinars, we weren’t able to get to all the … Continue reading

Five Tips for Overcoming Your Fear of Sales

One of the toughest things in marketing is crossing over into sales. While our end goal is to get people to buy what we’re selling, no one wants to be this guy –> So how do you get one (sales) … Continue reading

More Tips to Improve Your Open Rate

Tips to help your blast emails shine, Part 2:  Personalize it – It’s 2014. We all have the ability to send emails to “Dear Elizabeth” rather than “Dear Colleague” so be sure to call people by name. Be a real … Continue reading