What Makes Spark Different?

Custom approach – No “Pick from our standard four engagements,” No “You can have it in any color you want as long as it’s black,” No MembeRecruit-o-Matic9000 into which we plug your data and out pops a recruitment campaign. Everything Spark does is individually created for your association’s unique audience, needs, and situation.

Personal service – Although Spark does have formal support relationships with consulting partners who are also senior association professionals, Spark is a one-person enterprise. That means I’ll never sell you on an engagement, sign the contract, and pawn you off on a junior analyst. You’ll get exactly the skills, expertise, ideas, and relationship in the engagement you were promised in the proposal process.

Innovative solutions – While I don’t believe in totally discounting the tried and true methods that make incremental changes and achieve incremental results (i.e., email can still be a great way to reach members, people still like to get at least some stuff in print), I’m pretty much always going to propose at least one BIG idea we’re going to try that includes the potential for higher risk but also carries with it the likelihood of higher rewards.

Association focus – Spark works exclusively with trade and professional membership associations. You’re not just another business line to me. Your community is my community, and I’m deeply invested in our world. I consider myself an association executive first and a consultant second. That means you’ll never bang your head in frustration after having to explain what you mean by “member value proposition,” or that membership in an association is not the same as “membership” at Costco, or that the role of an association Board is different than a for-profit Board, or why anti-trust is such a big deal. You can rest assured, knowing that I already know.

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