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DC’s Capital Area Food Bank Needs Your Help!

I was at my regular volunteer gig at CAFB this morning, and the shelves are BARE, y’all. It’s typical for donations to fall off after the holidays, and more than once, I’ve gotten a call before my June or July … Continue reading

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Membership 101: Lead Generation

Where does the membership relationship start? It begins with lead generation. People who might want to become members of your association have to find out that you exist. Lead generation is first contact (and please tell me that somebody gets … Continue reading

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This Is Not a Good Look for Us

It’s an open secret that associations are deeply concerned about – and struggling with – our ability to recruit and retain Millennial young professionals, both as members and as association executives and talent in our industry. We’re trying all kinds … Continue reading

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Membership 101: Recruitment versus Retention versus Renewal

Three great tastes that taste great together. Recruitment, retention, and renewal are related, but they aren’t the same thing. Recruitment is what you do to get people in the door of your association in the first place. It’s at least partially … Continue reading

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Membership 101: MVP

Not Most Valuable Player, Member Value Proposition  It may seem obvious to say this, but people have to choose to join your association. What are their other options? Join a competitor non-profit Join a competitor for-profit (yes, there are for-profit … Continue reading

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Launching: Membership 101 Series

I’ve had several clients hire me recently to do webinars/presentations on basic concepts in membership. It occurred to me that other people might want this information, too. So I’m launching a series of blog posts designed to introduce readers to … Continue reading

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ISO Your Board Transformation Story

Sherry Marts (of S*Marts Consulting) and I are starting to work on a whitepaper looking at what’s going on in diversity and inclusion in the association space. This will be the ninth whitepaper in the ongoing Spark collaborative series. You may … Continue reading

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Letter to ASAE – ASAE’s Response

ASAE has officially responded to those of us who expressed concern about the association industry response to the 2016 Presidential election. Thanks to John Graham and Scott Wiley for allowing me to publicly share their response to the letter that … Continue reading

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Associations and Trump’s Travel Ban

Airports and cities large and small erupted into chaos this weekend as Donald Trump’s executive order temporarily banning Muslims from Iraq, Syria, Sudan, Iran, Somalia, Libya and Yemen from entering the US took effect. People with valid entry visas and legal … Continue reading

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Education to Employment #AMA

What are you doing Wednesday, February 1 at 12:30 pm ET? If your answer is “eating lunch,” or “nothing much,” I have a better option for you. Shelly Alcorn and I will be hosting an Ask Me Anything (aka “AMA”) … Continue reading

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