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Membership 101: How Do I Know When To Ask?

My last membership 101 post ended: You continue to do that [make offers] for a few cycles, THEN ask her to marry you, once you both know it’s right. Which begs the question: how do you know when is the right … Continue reading

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Membership 101: Ladder of Engagement

As I discussed in the last post in this series, membership is all about relationship building. The mechanism you use to build that relationship is the ladder of engagement. Simply put, just like you wouldn’t ask someone to marry you … Continue reading

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Membership 101: Lead Generation

Where does the membership relationship start? It begins with lead generation. People who might want to become members of your association have to find out that you exist. Lead generation is first contact (and please tell me that somebody gets … Continue reading

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What Will 2017 Hold?

Aptify set out to answer this question, at least for associations, in their recent e-book: Top Association Management Predictions for 2017. In the monograph, 13 association pros (including me) share their thoughts about the future as relates to topics like member engagement, online … Continue reading

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What Is Your “Customer Journey”?

Reading a recent article in the Harvard Business Review on the topic of “customer journeys” got me thinking about their role in the association space. What is a “customer journey”? The example HBR used was of a solar company. Their initial … Continue reading

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What’s Your Marketing Resolution for 2016?

I’m totally stealing this idea from smartie Beth Brodovsky, who emailed me this same question recently for her Driving Participation podcast series. My resolution for association marketers would be for us to stop talking about segmentation and personalization and start … Continue reading

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Turning Good Ideas Into Action

Looking to increase your association’s revenue? Growth can come about either through acquiring new customers/members or increasing sales to existing customers/members. And you can sell either existing programs, products, and services or new programs, products, and services. In short, Ansoff’s … Continue reading

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Farewell, Associations 101

For the past two years, Spark, in partnership with Scott Oser Associates and Peach New Media, has sponsored the free Associations 101 monthly webinar series: “10 tips in 20 minutes” on a variety of topics, designed to provide a quick … Continue reading

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Four Keys to Writing Good Marketing Copy

How do you write good marketing copy? In a nutshell:  Think about your audience. Who are they? What do you know about them? Use that information to craft a personalized message. Talk like a real person, and write like you … Continue reading

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Seven Keys to Great Testimonials

One of the best ways to promote your association and its programs, products, and services is to let your members, customers, audiences, and other stakeholders do it for you. In other words, to use testimonials. ASAE’s June 2010 Communications Section … Continue reading

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