Friday Top 5

It’s my Top 5 from digitalNOW. I know it’s a little late, but I was busy launching the new whitepaper on associations and CRM last week (you have downloaded your free copy, right?)

  1. The concept of the Maker Society. Jenny Levine from the American Library Association talked about their MakerSpace initiatives as part of ALA’s ongoing work to allow members to hack the associations (which resulted, among other things, in a self-organized conference).¬† Deirdre Reid also wrote a great post about the Maker Society session. And the Washington Post had a piece this week about a Fab Lab in my neighborhood. I smell a trend!
  2. Susan Etlinger of Altimeter Group presented a great keynote on the concept of measuring social media results. My favorite thing she said is that there are MANY ROIs  of social media. Social Media Examiner has a great post that explains this concept in detail.
  3. Alexander Pasik of IEEE presented a session on emerging technologies. He was full of wisdom, these few gems in particular: “If a particular technology does not impact your value proposition, why are you bothering?”; “If you aren’t even analyzing your operational data yet, you’re not ready for Big Data (AMEN!).”; “Reports are a waste of time. Your analytics need to help you make data-driven decisions without that intermediary step.”; “Cloud computing allows associations to focus on core competencies that likely don’t include IT.”; and an admonition that, if you’re interested in innovation, you not rely too heavily on member surveys to point the way to what do to next.
  4. The Whitney Museum’s “curate your own membership” model via Sheri Jacobs. It’s a good reminder that “new membership model” does not automatically equal “free membership.” There are an infinite number of ways we can create positive change in the way our members relate to and interact with our associations.
  5. The ZMOT (Zero Moment of Truth), also via Sheri Jacobs, which addresses the role of online research in the sales process. For more follow the link, or this:

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