Friday Top 5

In case you missed today’s outstanding Associations 101 #10in20 webinar “Fundraising is not a 4-letter word” with Michelle Powers Keegan from ALS Association, here are the tips she shared:

  1. It starts at the top and the bottom – your leadership has to support your efforts, but your line staff are often your best resource.
  2. Communication is the key – you have to meet your potential donors where they’re at.
  3. You can never thank people enough – a “dear friend” letter is not going to cut it; your thank you should be unique and personal.
  4. It’s all about relationships – communication should come from the person the potential donor knows best (and that may not be the chief fundraising officer).
  5. Corporations are people too – just because the check comes from a company doesn’t mean that personal relationships don’t matter.
  6. What the heck is a foundation and why do they exist? For more information on getting foundation money, check out the Foundation Center and make sure your proposal is compelling.
  7. Why special events aren’t always so special – you have to remain focused on what you’re trying to accomplish and make sure you’re actually getting there (oh – and don’t forget to account for staff costs).
  8. Board Members and how to love them – Board members can help you in lots of ways that don’t involve making the ask – be creative!
  9. Major Donors, don’t let them scare you – make sure everyone in your association knows what constitutes a major gift and who your major donors are.
  10. Making the dreaded “ASK” – major gift asks should always be in person with a personal (“warm”) introduction, and remember that “no” usually means “not that amount” or “not right now,” so don’t be discouraged!

Notice the bonus tips? Because Associations 101 is TEN tips in 20 minutes.

Find out more about the series, register for upcoming events, and get archive recordings of past events at the Peach website (Michelle’s recording will go live early next week).

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