Friday Top 5

I’m presenting for the FREE Associations 101 webinar series next Friday, March 14, on the topic of association marketing pieces. The Associations 101 series aims to share 10 tips in 20 minutes about common topics and issues in association management. Top five reasons you should register now.

  1. generic white businessman“Call to action? What’s a call to action?”
  2. Your marketing materials use images, but they’re all United Colors of Stock Photo Professionals, or, worse, this guy –>
  3. Your marketing materials haven’t been updated since the Bush administration – the George Herbert Walker Bush administration.
  4. It’s all features, features, features, not benefits, benefits, benefits.
  5. Your marketing materials are not having the impact you want, expect, and need.

10 tips, colorful, informative slides that include additional resources to help you, a great handout, Q&A, all free, in 30 minutes or less. What have you got to lose?

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