Getting Your Donors (Members?) To Fall In Love

I often find that the cause-oriented/fundraising nonprofits do some awesome stuff associations could and should learn from. Case in point: this fantastic presentation by Big Duck‘s Farra Trompeter on getting your donors to fall in love with you.

Key points for associations:

  • It’s all about lifetime value, whether we’re talking donors or members, so retention is critical
  • Study engagement patterns so you can recognize when a member has fallen in love – that might involve things like investing money AND time, responding when you call, talking about you to other people, etc.
  • The way you get there is to target your communications (both message and medium), provide the largest variety of ways to engage you can, and track and learn from what happens
  • Make sure you’re making your case well (i.e., learn what your audiences’ value and then show them that)
  • Make it easy for your audiences to be involved with you – that means creating volunteer opportunities that meet their needs and capacity, removing barriers to involvement (how easy is it to navigate your website? to complete a transaction?)



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