Erin Fuller, FASAE, CAE

We spend a lot of time talking about opportunity within nonprofit organizations, but assessing and candidly discussing both the association’s culture in terms of risk taking, as well as reviewing the elements of risk associated with the affiliated industry or profession, is an invaluable exercise. As a result of this workshop, our senior leadership team engaged in meaningful and immediately relevant conversations that will shape how we evaluate both existing and new partnerships, programs, and resources.

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About Elizabeth Weaver Engel, CAE

Elizabeth Weaver Engel, M.A., CAE, is CEO and Chief Strategist at Spark Consulting LLC. Elizabeth has over 19 years of experience helping associations grow, in membership, marketing, communications, public presence, and especially revenue, which is what Spark is all about. She speaks and writes frequently on a variety of topics in association management. When she's not helping associations grow, Elizabeth loves to dance, listen to live music, cook, garden, and blog about the Philadelphia Eagles.
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