Standard Engagements

Although the majority of the work Spark does is custom-designed and planned as a collaborative process with each client, sometimes in response to a Request for Proposal (RFP), Spark also offers some standard engagements for clients who already know exactly what they need or as a way of getting started working together.

Facilitated Innovation Session – $1,500

You’re working an issue. Maybe you’re trying to come up with a theme for your annual conference. You need new marketing campaign messaging. You’re trying to relaunch a product. Your membership recruitment efforts are tired. You know your team has some great ideas about how to fix things, but you need someone without a vested interest in the outcome to facilitate the conversation, make sure everyone is heard, capture everyone’s ideas, and report them back in a useable format, so you can make a good decision about which path to choose.

  • Two hour facilitated conversation with your team
  • Summary report capturing all the ideas shared, categorizing them, and identifying key themes that emerged

The Fast Fix – $7,500

You know what the problem is. Pre-registration for your annual conference, which is coming up in six weeks, is dismal. After your fourth notice, your renewals are way down. Nobody’s using a key membership program, and as a result, it’s going to be deeply in the red this year. You need some solutions, and you need them NOW. Assuming your team is ready, we can do this in two weeks.

  • Facilitated meeting with your team to talk through the problem, the solutions you’ve tried so far, and what happened
  • Solutions report that lays out 3-5 actions your team can take immediately to solve the problem
  • Detailed map to show you how to implement the solutions, with time and cost estimates where applicable

Expert on Call – $1,000 a month

You don’t have a specific big project you’re working on – at least not at the moment – but you need someone with an outside perspective who knows your organization and stands ready to be a trusted advisor when you have questions, need resources, or want to bounce ideas off someone. And you want to know she’ll always take your call.

  • Scheduled monthly call
  • Four hours reserved for your organization’s needs to be used as you see fit

Remember: a lunch or coffee is always free!