Maybe you’ve read the Spark blog or checked out Attention Doesn’t Scale, Member Relations, The Mission-Driven Volunteer, or Getting to the “Good Stuff”. Or you’ve read some of articles written by Elizabeth Engel:

And you’re thinking to yourself: “I wish my organization could turn out whitepapers, articles, and blog posts like this!”

You can – you can hire Spark to do it for you!

Whether you’re looking for a regular blog columnist, feature articles for a print or online publication, or a longer whitepaper based on secondary or even primary research, Spark has you covered.

The best part of working with Spark on an editorial project was: “You get it! I didn’t have to go through multiple iterations just to get you to understand our organization and talking points.”
— Laurel Haak, PhD
Executive Director, ORCID

Blog post: $250

$250 gets you a op-ed style blog post (or article) of up to 500 words on a mutually agreed-upon topic, with guaranteed delivery in five business days (faster delivery available, but rush fees apply). You can do this as a one-off, or we can contract for a certain number of blog posts per month.

Article: $600

Need something a little “meatier,” maybe citing some secondary research? Spark can turn out an article (or blog post) on the topic of your choice of 500-1000 words for $600, with guaranteed delivery in five business days (faster delivery available, but rush fees apply).

Whitepaper: $10,000-$15,000

Spark can also do more substantive research and writing for your organization. For a whitepaper on the topic of your choice of up to 25 pages using secondary research sources only, Spark will deliver text ready for final copy editing and layout in one month for $10,000. If the research project will include primary (interviews, focus groups, surveys) and secondary research, it will run $15,000. Spark cannot guarantee a one-month turn around due to the complexities of scheduling primary research.

Contact Elizabeth Engel to discuss your content needs at or 202.468.3478.


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