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What I’m Reading

It’s trends time. Associations Now looks at what’s in and out for associations in 2014. An association-centric take on the most common – and commonly broken – New Year’s resolutions. Jamie Notter encourages us to forget about “values” and think … Continue reading

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The Evolution of Advertising

I know – this slideshow is SUPER long, but it’s also really interesting. Hubspot breaks down the history of advertising, starting in 3000 BCE (yes, really), and going forward the whole way to the future (or at least next year). … Continue reading

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What I’m Reading

How important are generational differences in the workplace? Giving stuff away for free? What are you getting in return? Grammar “errors” that really aren’t. How does your association define success? If your definition doesn’t include what your members think, you’re … Continue reading

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What I’m Reading

Two good pieces from Jeff Hurt, both related to association membership: one on the myth of exclusivity and the other on membership and millennials. Buttons,  buttons everywhere. Legibility of your website? Nowhere to be found, dude. 10 mistakes you  – … Continue reading

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What I’m Reading

Social Media Explorer issues a call for balance in setting social media objectives. Calculating ROI? Here are some great suggestions for measures other than number of fans/followers. My fave? Improve SEO. If you took your logo off your materials, would … Continue reading

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Brilliant Advertising

I have been in love with Old Spice’s advertising since they started working with Bruce Campbell, but this is just brilliant. How can your association use humor to amplify your message? Bonus points for fantastic use of social media.

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Riddle me this, Batman

The reason companies have historically been willing to pay big bucks for print ads is that the publishers can provide demographic and circulation data: i.e., we have 20,000 subscribers. 27% of them have completed college. 18% have household incomes over … Continue reading

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Using Pixels for Your Web Analytics?

Maybe not any more. Heather Green reports, Business Week’s Blogspotting: I spoke with Tim Vanderhook, the CEO of behavioral targeting service Specific Media, who is concerned about Microsoft and Google’s new browsers. He argues that people using the browsers are … Continue reading

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Google Ad Words for Smarties

What are Google Ad Words? What are Google Grants? Who’s eligible? How can my organization use them? I’m not going to answer these questions, but NTEN is, via a 5-part Webinar series that STARTS TODAY so GO REGISTER! Sessions will … Continue reading

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