The Inconvenient Truth About Innovation

Lots of organizations talk about innovation, but few do it well. And that’s the exact problem: we talk too much and experiment too little.

A week ago, I had the opportunity to attend a free webinar on innovation and culture put on by the smarties over at Talent Anarchy, Jason Lauritsen and Joe Gerstandt.

Joe and Jason point out that innovation requires two things: variation and selection. Traditional management techniques are all about selection to encourage standardization, and we do that well. What we don’t do well is embrace and encourage variation. But without it, there are no new ideas. The keys to variation are connection, inclusion, and liberation, none of which our organizations are structured to promote. But we can change, and Jason and Joe offer some simple-but-not-easy ways to do that.

Missed the webinar? Check it out – it’s only 15 (well-invested) minutes:

Or you can download the whitepaper.

What can you do at your association to encourage variation and open the gates to not just talking about innovation but actually trying new ideas?

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