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What with my entire family descending upon me for my cousin’s wedding this past weekend, taking the ‘rents to Ragtime at the KC for their anniversary/Mother’s Day, a heinous cold, and trying to get ready to present on social media policy at the HRA-NCA conferenceyesterday, I haven’t been doing a lot of reading lately. However, I have gotten to….

  • All the Power of A stuff. I think Maggie McGary captures my thoughts best with her post The Power of….Huh?. Man, I leave town for two weeks and ASAE launches a whole new initiative the purpose of which is…well, I haven’t quite figured that out yet. Little help?
  • Rohit Bhargava clues us in on how to live blog/twitter an event effectively. I did ask in advance of HRA-NCA if there was an established conference hashtag (answer: no), and at the beginning of my session, I asked if anyone was on Twitter (answer: yes) at the moment (answer: no) and could live tweet the session (answer: no). Catch up, people!
  • I’m a little behind on my Associations Now reading and I haven’t cracked the cover of the May crowdsourced issue yet, but I did spot a few great pieces in the April issue: advice for extending your meeting content beyond the confines of the actual physical event, Jeff De Cagna encouraging us all to embrace the revolution, and a great story about how AIHA successfully centralized their marketing efforts.
  • And Lindy Dreyer posted the final entry in her social media policy setting series just in time for me to mention it at my presentation. Go Lindy!

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