What I’m Reading

  • “…after forty years of intensive effort, the work-life frontier looks grim” (ouch)
  • What do you believe? Are you willing to put it out there as publicly as Joe Gerstandt?
  • Beware an over-reliance on numbers; they’re more fallible than you think.
  • Mental disorder or neurodiversity? Warning: this one is long, but it’s also very thought provoking.
  • If “real innovation is always the outcome of ongoing discourse among a small group of innovators who truly understand the importance of what they’re working on,” what does that mean for open innovation projects?
  • Does the existence of language stifle innovation? (as a words person more than an images person, I could be in trouble)
  • The most secure password is the one you don’t even consciously know. (this is some next-level shit for real)
  • Great tools to hack your life from Associations Now (plus even more in the comments).
  • Looking for a little inspiration on a Wednesday? You’re in luck.
  • Associations Now recaps #MMCCon with a focus on the small points that add up to big impact.
  • Going cold turkey on multi-tasking costs you nothing and gains you a lot.
  • Are you member driven or governance driven (because they are not the same thing)?
  • Tips for using social media as part of your crisis communications plan from the SocialFish blog.
  • Associations Now rounds up recent trends and changes in AMS packages.
  • The American Association of Publishers jumps into the open access fray.

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