What I’m Reading

  • On goofing off for fun and profit.
  • Jamie Notter on what to take away from the demise of Google’s 20% time.
  • Crowdsourcing leads to dramatic progress in sentiment analysis, a key ingredient to social media success.
  • By now you’ve no doubt heard that Abila has acquired Avectra. What does that mean for the AMS space?
  • Hiring? What are the best predictors of job success? (hint: they aren’t what you’d necessarily think they’d be)
  • Seven (really good) reasons to redo your website.
  • What is LinkedIn really for? Outstanding, challenging post that’s worth the time investment to read thoroughly and think about.
  • What’s new in online advertising tech?
  • Why do tech advances make health care more expensive when they make everything else cheaper?
  • Creative destruction and the rise and fall of the S&P 500 (not the index itself, the companies on it).
  • Don’t forget: your members aren’t just numbers; they’re people.


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