What I’m Reading

  • Committees can still provide valuable volunteer opportunities for your members, as long as the work they’re doing is meaningful.
  • Annoyed about Facebook’s ever-increasing page rank changes? Eight tips to fight back (one of which is “quit relying on Facebook for your social media interaction” to which I say TRUTH).
  • Life logging: the tech isn’t there yet, and that may actually be a good thing, as there’s value in forgetting.
  • Associations Now highlights some great recent events and studies that all point out: social media should not be used as just another broadcast mechanism where you (or your association) can shout about how great you are.
  • We all start each day with the same 24 hours? Not so fast, says Jeffrey Cufaude.
  • Do we really need CEOs?
  • Maggie McGary muses about the impact the sharing economy could have on associations.
  • Jamie Notter shares one of the keys to great culture: no fear.
  • Myths that lead to a busy but unfulfilling life (how many do you fall victim to?)

Been a while, I know. Are you following me on Twitter? I do post a lot of links to interesting stuff that may not be specifically association/tech-related there, just in case you’re bored and looking for something to read.

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