What I’m Reading

  • Do you know the content marketing 4-1-1?
  • MGI’s 2014 Membership Marketing Benchmark report is out. One, you should download it ASAP. Two, Associations Now has been doing a series of posts on the results, and I love the point of this one: “you have to eat your vegetables.” Yep.
  • Advice from Aaron Wolowiec about getting your comms and events teams to work together to create a better event. Kim Howard also has some advice on this topic on her NEW BLOG. (Did you know she had a new blog?)
  • Attention Minutes” are a much better measure of online success than clicks or shares – and Upworthy wants you to have the code to do it for free.
  • Didn’t make MMCC two weeks ago? Fortunately, Kathi Rabil has a roundup post of some of the best content.
  • What makes an effective organization? It’s not what you think it is.

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